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Ice Dams & Attic Insulation

Ice Dam Removal

How are ice dams  removed?

In this video Jeff Brauer explains exactly what his team does to safely and completely remove an Ice Dam from your roof.

Ice Dams can be a major problem in causing roof leaks. Be sure to hire a licensed, professional roofing contractor to handle the critical job of removing your ice dam.

Brauer Roofing Ice Dams and Insulation
Many people wonder, just what are ice dams?

An ice dam forms at the edge of a roof into a ridge of ice that keeps the melting snow from draining off your roof properly.

What can cause this ridge of ice that turns into an ice dam?

When the heat from inside your house rises through the ceiling into the attic, this in turn warms the roof surface and creates the ice dam.

How does this happen?

The snow that is on top of the warm roof surface (caused by the heat escaping through the home’s ceiling into the attic) melts and runs down the roof shingles until it meets the edge of the roof that is colder, below 32 degrees. That liquid melted snow that has turned to water now freezes into an ice dam.

How does the damage occur with an ice dam?

Water backs up behind the dam and, as it sits on the roof, works its way under the roof covering and flows into the attic. From there it can seep through insulation, ceilings, walls and other areas where it can cause damage.

How do you prevent an ice dam?

Keeping a consistent attic temperature can help prevent ice dams. Insulation and ventilation are key components of maintaining the proper conditions in the attic and on the roof deck.

Attic Insulation

When additional insulation is needed in your attic, we recommend Owen’s Corning loosefill insulation. Instead of laying batts or rolls, we use AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK® Fiberglas™ Insulation. This is a superior product because of the fluffing that occurs along the length of the hose, which add millions of the tiny air pockets. This gives the AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK® Fiberglas™ its insulating power. And this insulation will not settle, unlike the older, traditional wool bat insulation. This newer insulation will maintain the same energy-saving level year after year, saving you money and keeping your home comfortable.

In addition, your attic needs effective cross-ventilation. In the summer, the heat buildup in the attic can result in costly expenses to your home’s cooling system. In the winter, damaging ice dams can form when the trapped moisture is not removed. It’s critical to have a well-ventilated attic that allows fresh air into the attic.

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