Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal in Rochester, MN

Ice dams cause serious issues for homes, and these only get worse if the dams are removed incorrectly. Instead of trying to get rid of nasty ice dams by yourself, contact the professional team at Brauer Roofing Inc. for ice dam removal in the Rochester, MN, area. Our team understands the causes and dangers of ice dams, and knows exactly how to properly remove them from the exterior of your home.

Ice dams pose a serious threat to your family & your home. Here’s how to handle the process:

  • Formation: In order to understand how to remove ice dams properly, it’s important to first know what ice dams are. Due to heating indoors, oftentimes within the attic, ice and snow on the roof begins to melt. As it runs down the roof and accumulates on the cold soffit/eave, the water freezes again. The result is a cycle of heating and cooling, which allows water to collect underneath your shingles and damage the inside of your home.
  • Identification: Keep an eye out for icicles forming along your gutters or water dripping from your soffit! These icicles may indicate that accumulated snow has started melting off the roof. The result is a cycle of heating and freezing, and your home may experience both outdoor icicles and indoor water damage.
  • Assistance: If you’ve noticed icicles forming, indoor water damage, or other indicators of ice dams, call in our professional team. Brauer Roofing Inc. uses steam to remove ice dams. This process gently melts away the ice without causing damage to your roof or home.
  • Prevention: Following ice dam removal, you should implement one of multiple ways to prevent ice dams from forming again. Invest in a roof rake, which allows you to remove large areas of snow on your roof. There may be ways to improve attic insulation also.


Contact Brauer Roofing Inc. for ice dam removal in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding communities.


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